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Vitamin2U Sdn Bhd are pleased to introduce Samyang Foods Co. LTD in this opportunity that the company has been one of the leading instant Noodle maker and Exporter since 1961 in Korea and take pride in having released instant Noodle in Korea for the first time in year 1963.

With the main product of instant Noodle, called Ramen produced for more than 50 years since Samyang Foods Co. Ltd. has grown to leading general food stuff maker in Korea and lead the markets in taste and quality.

And his affiliated companies engaged in livestock, Logistics, Agri-marine products processing play functionally and physically important role in ensuring our guarantee on the excellence of the products, and predominance over the competitive market as well.

As of now, the company is exporting products of Ramen and Snack in the brand name of Samyang to more than 45 countries in the world and is getting high reputation and evaluation, by meeting consumer’s needs and requirements with a supply of a good quality food and service.

Samyang Foods leads trends of Korean Food culture and also has over 50 years of history and experiences. Samyang Foods, Inc. uses natural ingredients with high quality so as to provide food with high quality and differentiated taste along with excellent food with traditional Korean flavour’s.

Key Products

The top selling product of the company at the moment are Samyang instant noodles. The product has received wide acceptance in the market as it has Halal certifications, is deemed bigger and of more premium material, as well as, provides flavour and noodle textures that is different. Samyang Foods being the first Korean ramen producer since 1963 has continuously innovate by launching new flavours and improving on existing product.