About Us
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About Us

Vitamin2U Sdn Bhd (Vit2U)

Vitamin2U Sdn Bhd , registered in Malaysia, provides many of instant noodles, snacks, frozen foods and food sauces that have been thoroughly “try and feel delicious” mainly from Korean manufacturers. Vitamin2U offers a vast range of fast-moving consumer products with many well-known brands in this industry.


More than ever, Vitamin2U is a company completely dedicated to you and will continue to provide an excellence service. We will be always your esteemed business partner with firm commitment all the times.

Our Mission

We strive to provide the highest level of service to our customers, through our wide range of try and feel delicious products.

Wholesale and Trade Business

One of our supply partners, Samyang foods Co. Ltd., being one of best performers in Korean food manufacturing and one of the most popular Manufacturer of ramen and snacks with the longest history in Korea. We feel this identity is worthy of associating our working philosophy with and it’s what makes us grow. We have special relationships with a few more manufacturers and because of this we can offer quality products to the market.